The Best And Worst Kitchen Trends For 2022

– We’re gonna get a jumpstart on these 2022 trends, before I have to fix them all later. (serene music) Hey there, hi, welcome to the channel, I am Garrett. And in this video, we’re talking all about some of the best and worst kitchen trends of 2022. Now I did a part one in this series, for trends of 2021, and you all ate it up, you loved it. I introduced you to my maid.

It was a great video, and it will be linked in the description box down below. We have got a ton of these trends to go through, so let’s dive in to the video. Now, the first trend of 2022 that I have mixed feelings about, is actually the glazed tiles. Now these have been around, they’ve been popular for a little while, and it kinda started with the whole, like, if it’s not handmade, have it look handmade thing. And now we’re diving into color a little bit in 2022.

That’s what we’re seeing with these tiles.

And while you know I love your personal style, and investing in it, I want you to be careful when it comes to bright and vibrant colors, because like I’ve said all along, it’s not easy to change out tiles, it’s not inexpensive, and you might regret it later. I think that this is a great trend, if you are 100% dedicated to a color, like me and the color blue. I just want you to be careful when it comes to investing in a color, because you might regret it later, and you don’t wanna have to rip out a backsplash, because you picked a trendy color, that maybe doesn’t reflect your personal style. The next big trend of 2022 is actually going to be glass partitions.

We’re moving into a place where we like spaces to be a little bit more separated, but still have great flow, and connection between them, and these glass partitions are gonna be super, super popular. The reason for this is we’re pulling back a little bit to a time when we had older homes, and we were renovating. This might be reflective of like an exterior wall, with a converted porch or something, that has a window in it. This is what that vibe is, but it’s going to be full walls. You’ll have doors, you’ll have windows, that way you can still see through the kitchen to another room, but you have the division and separation.

You have a noise barrier, you have that scent barrier, that isn’t gonna allow all of the scents of cooking into the rest of the house. I think it’s a great trend, and this is gonna be something that could easily be done on an actual, like open-plan space. You could divide it up really easily with a trend like this.

I always like a trend that hearkens back to something traditional, or has a little bit of heritage associated with it, so I think that this trend is really cool. And I also think that this trend could potentially be timeless, depending on the style you choose to do it in.

The next big kitchen trend for 2022 is actually going to be layered lighting. This is really fun, very cool and interesting. Layered lighting in a kitchen is a little bit different, because in a living room, we might have an overhead fixture and lamps, but in a kitchen we want clean surfaces, we don’t wanna have a lot going on.

So we might have a pendant light, and a flush mount fixture. We might have a chandelier, and a flush mount fixture.

There’s a lot of things that are happening with lighting in kitchens, that are really interesting and very cool. These layered lights are just really interesting, different styles mixed together, that you might not commonly expect to see. If you’re interested to learn more about lighting, be sure to check out my, “All About Lighting,” video, that will be linked in the description box down below. I always think mixing different types of lighting is really interesting and cool. You just wanna be sure that you’re not picking fixtures that are difficult to keep clean, because then a kitchen you’re cooking, there’s grease, there’s dust in the air.

It can get messy very quickly, and you don’t wanna have more stuff to clean than is actually necessary. Trust me, my maid has told me, she was giving me dirty looks the other day.

If you know, you know. The next big kitchen trend of 2022 is actually the concealed kitchen. I really love these, I think they’re really interesting in a lot of different ways, and for a lot of different spaces.

Now, it’s not necessarily conducive to having a huge home, or anything like that, where you have a concealed kitchen. These are kind of where everything is paneled, and cabinetry, and tucked away, so everything can be put away, and it’s just kind of like almost an empty space.

I think it’s very fresh and very modern, very contemporary feeling, and I love this for historic or heritage properties, like an apartment or a townhome. We see this a lot in New York, we see it in Paris. We see it in a lot of big cities that have historic architecture, like San Francisco, for example.

These are kind of built in to more traditional buildings and styles, and they’ll be made to look as if they’re a part of the structure. I absolutely adore that, because I think it looks really beautiful, and it’s a great way to put a kitchen into a space that wouldn’t necessarily have had one to begin with, that way, it feels timeless, it feels like it’s a part of the architecture, and it feels substantial, and built in, without feeling cluttered or distracting from the beauty of the space.

The next big kitchen trend of 2022 is actually the dark kitchen, dark, sumptuous, moody, I love it. I think that this is a fabulous idea, especially if you like these darker colors. The one piece of advice if you are interested in a dark or moody kitchen I would recommend, make sure you have a lot of good natural lighting.

That’s the key to a dark space, because a dark space that doesn’t have great lighting is gonna feel like a cave, as opposed to moody, as opposed to an experience. It’s gonna feel a little bit dark, a little bit dingy, and you’re gonna kinda be like, “Ooh, it’s a little too dark in here for me.” The next kitchen trend for 2022 is going to be wood. We saw this be really popular and huge in 2021, but in 2022, we’re going to take this, and we’re gonna be seeing entire kitchens, because 2021 was the year of the two-toned kitchen.

2022 is gonna be the year of the wood toned kitchen, everything, all of the cabinetry along the walls, all of the islands, peninsulas, bars, whatever it is you have, wood tones are going to be big.

We’re seeing walnut become very popular. We’re seeing oak become even more popular than it already was, but we’re also seeing a little bit more of a rustic type of finish to wood become very popular also. I think that these are great, like I said previously, in my 2021 version of this video, that a very textured surface is not great for a kitchen. And some of those more rustic wood tones definitely have some texture. Be mindful and be careful about incorporating those into your space, because the maintenance on them will be higher and more difficult.

The Best And Worst Kitchen Trends For 2022

However, I love an all wood kitchen. I think it’s beautiful and fabulous. I would recommend steering towards a mid-tone, that way you have something that is not taste specific, that is a little bit more neutral, and you can change your style, you can accessorize around, to fit whatever style or needs you need, or needs you have.

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Is it your favorite room in the house? (Linus snorting) Oh? (lips smacking) (grunting) Oh, say hi to your friend Augie. Oh yes, hello, hi Augie Doggie. (grunting) Ooh, a sleepy boy.

Boy. Are you just tired of me? (lips smacking) Okay, that’s enough. (laughs) The next big trend that I absolutely adore for 2022 is one we’re dragging in from 2021, and that is the pantry or larder cabinet.

These are fantastic, they’re phenomenal.

They’re amazing, they’re great for organization, but they’re also great for tucking away those small appliances, or those pantry needs you have, that you don’t necessarily wanna see in your kitchen, or all over the space. If you have a smaller space, these are definitely amazing and ideal. You will lose just a little bit of countertop space, but what you gain in storage makes the world of difference. I definitely recommend you look into it, check it out. There are also things you can convert to be used as a larder or pantry on your countertop, like the top of a antique hutch.

That’s a great option, and would add a lot of storage. And it’s also something that doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. The next big trend for 2022 is actually going to be mixing warm and cool tones.

I actually talked about this a little bit in my trend forecasting for 2022 video, where I talked about brutalism. This is where we are going to see that.

It’s a mix of cool and warm tones, a lot of concrete countertops, and concrete-like colors, mixed with lighter, warmer tones. This creates a really interesting contrast that hearkens back to nature. It feels very interesting, but also very utilitarian. I think that this is great for budget-friendly projects, for more contemporary projects. It’s definitely an interesting idea.

Could also be incorporated into more traditional styles and designs. We’ve actually always seen kinda like a very cool tone marble, with warm wood tones, in traditional design, so I think it’s really fantastic, and definitely something you should look into if this reflects your personal style. Last but not least, and my favorite of all of the trends for 2022 is actually the pop of color. We are seeing really gorgeous pops of color brought into kitchens for 2022, and I am so happy about it. These are very light tones, very fresh and bright colors.

We’re seeing them be kinda like pastels. You know I love a light blue, be sure to check out my dining room makeover video, to see my favorite blue tones.

There are a lot of really amazing options, but like I said before with colors, go for an unexpected color, go for something interesting, something that you wouldn’t necessarily think to look at first, something with a slight edge to it, a little bit muted, kind of a dustier tone. This is going to be a little bit more classic, a little bit more timeless, because we don’t want anything to be too jarring, that may look dated in a year, in two years, or three years. You don’t wanna choose something that you’re going to get sick of.

So be sure if you are interested, and you’re looking at colors, you opt for something that you have always loved, as opposed to something that is just a trendy color for now. I’d also definitely recommend checking out the 2022 colors of the year. I think that we actually chose some really great ones this year, albeit, most of them are the same.

These would be really beautiful colors to feature in a kitchen, in any space in your home, and a great color to use as a connection between a kitchen and a dining, or a living room. Really, really great options, and definitely something to consider.

All of these trends are really great, and can be incorporated in a lot of really wonderful ways. Some of the biggest trends for 2021, we actually saw in 2020, and they will be continuing for 2022, and those are things like the heavily-veined marble, the wood tones, a lot of the flooring that continues throughout a space in a house. Those things are all gonna be really big, and really popular. I don’t foresee them going anywhere, because they’ve been around for quite a few years. But some more trendy ideas and features that are being incorporated into kitchens are materials that are a little bit more organic, some things that have a little bit more of that rustic feeling, like soapstone, like concrete countertops.

We’re seeing a lot of very, very interesting textures being brought into kitchens, but be mindful of the actual usability of a space, and how easy it is to manage, to take care of. Things like a marble sink looks really beautiful, but address yourself and think about it, is that something that is actually going to be livable for you, or should you opt for maybe a cast iron sink, that’s a little bit more durable? Those things are what you should consider whenever you are opening the can of worms that is a kitchen renovation, because you want a space that works for you, not a space that you work for.

Well, there you have it, everyone. I hope you enjoyed this video.

If you did, be sure to let me know in the comment section down below. I wanna hear from my subscribers, which of these trends did you like the best, do you think are for you, or which ones would you steer clear of? And which of these trends would you run as fast as possible away from? Let me know, because I wanna hear from you in the comment section down below. Be sure to give this video a like, and I know that you know someone that’s embarking on a kitchen renovation, and you are like, “Sweetheart, yeah, it’s a little bit too trendy for us.

It’s not going to be timeless, you’re wasting your money.” Be sure you send this video to them, because friends help friends, and I will see you in the next. .


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